Marca Peru

Marca Peru is the new Peruvian national brand. In a time when countries compete between each other to be able to attract the attention of the tourists, the preference of the markets, the confidence of the investors and the respect of the governments of other nations, it is important to be remember, it is important to create a positive and strong image of our country and this is why the Peru brand is born.  

 Marca Peru

Peru brand is an advertising campaign created by the government of Peru. It tries to promote three things: tourism, exports, and investments.

The Peru brand is white and red, with a geometric spiral form, symbol that is been present in our different cultures. Letter P makes reference not only to the Nazca lines but also to Caral (north ofLima) and it is a universal symbol of continuity. In the center there is a @ that represents modern times.  



What happens when Peru brings its culture to the small town of Peru, Nebraska in US?

 The new ambassadors of Peru — including chefs Gastón Acurio and Javier Wong, surfer Sofia Mulanovich, writer Rafo León — eat ceviche, dance huaynos, drink pisco and more with the 569 residents of Peru, Nebraska, US.

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